REXROTH hydraulic cylinder CDL2 series

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REXROTH hydraulic cylinder CDL2 seriesBrand: REXROTHModel: CDL2 seriesRelated Pr...

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REXROTH hydraulic cylinder CDL2 series


Model: CDL2 series

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A hydraulic cylinder generally consists of a cylinder body, a cylinder rod (piston rod) and a seal. The interior of the cylinder body is divided into two parts by a piston, each with an oil hole. Since the compression ratio of the liquid is very small, when oil enters one of the oil holes, the piston will be pushed to make the other oil hole discharge oil, and the piston drives the piston rod to extend (retract) movement, and vice versa.

Product model and number: R407999222 CDL2MP5/ 160/ 100/ 295D10/B11CFU MWW


Cylinder type: cylinder

Hole diameter range: 25 to 200mm

Maximum pressure range: 160bar

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