REXROTH cartridge valve LC…DBLC16DB20E-7X/-004

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REXROTH cartridge valve LC…DBLC16DB20E-7X/-004Brand: REXROTHModel: LC16DB20E-7X/...

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REXROTH cartridge valve LC…DBLC16DB20E-7X/-004


Model: LC16DB20E-7X/-004

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Two-way cartridge valves for pressure control functions are pilot poppet valves and spool valves. The main element is designed to insert a cartridge valve into a cavity according to DIN ISO7368 (it is a cavity sealed by a control cover). The pilot valve is used for manual or electric proportional pressure control. It is integrated into the control cover or mounted on the control cover as a pilot valve with interface connection. The pressure relief function is achieved by connecting the cartridge valve to different control covers.

The valve core has a simple structure, sensitive action and good sealing performance. Its main function is to realize the opening or closing of the liquid line. When used in combination with ordinary hydraulic control valves, it can control the direction, pressure and flow of the system oil. Cartridge valves have been widely used in a variety of construction machinery, material handling machinery and agricultural machinery. In industrial areas that are often overlooked, the application of cartridge valves is constantly expanding. Especially in many situations where weight and space are limited, traditional industrial hydraulic valves are helpless, but cartridge valves can show their talents. In some applications, cartridge valves are an option to increase productivity and competitiveness.



Nominal size: 16

Working pressure: 420bar

Flow: 300l/min

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LC63DB20E-7X/104, R900959802

Nominal size: 63

Working pressure: 420bar

Flow: 2500l/min

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