SALAMI gear pump 2PB2PB 11.3 DG82 S2

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SALAMI gear pump 2PB2PB 11.3 DG82 S2Brand: SALAMIModel: 2PB 11.3 DG82 S2Related...

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SALAMI gear pump 2PB2PB 11.3 DG82 S2


Model: 2PB 11.3 DG82 S2

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SALAMI gear pumps have very high working efficiency through their innovative design and precise mechanical control. Axial compensation is achieved by floating brushes and DU bearings ensure high pressure capacity. This gear pump has 12 integrated gears and shafts, extruded aluminum pump body, die-cast aluminum cover plate and flange, cast iron back cover, double shaft seal, displacement from 3.2cm3/rev to 26cm3/rev. At the same time, both standard nitrile seals and fluororubber seals can be used in high temperature environments. Radial and axial loads on the shaft must be avoided as they will shorten the life of the unit. To prevent assembly without a shaft seal, a minimum suction pressure must be ensured in the vanes between pump and coupling. All pumps and motors are hydraulically tested after assembly to ensure high standards of application requirements. The pump is manufactured to ISO9001-UNI EN 29001 standards.


Inlet pressure: 0.7~2.5bar

Minimum operating fluid viscosity: 12mm2/sec

Recommended fluid viscosity range: 17-65mm2/sec

Fluid temperature range: -15…+85℃

Hydraulic oil: mineral oil

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